Why getting a dog is my New Year resolution

I know it is clique to talk about New Year resolutions in the month of January but I have to make a very real confession about my goals.

Every year make very lofty goals for my life. Last year my motto was “life forward.” I wanted to shake things up and make changes to move my life in a direction. It ended up being more of a “prep-for-life forward” kind of a year (taking the GRE, applying for graduate school, traveling a lot) but I did get a promotion and accepted into a grad school so I think I was more-or-less successful. This year I decided to be very methodical about the process. I wrote up my goals in a list form and the color-coded and categorized all the goals into thing like “professional” or “health” or “experience”.

Looking back now, I think the most important goal I set was to get a dog.

I have always been a self-proclaimed cat person. Until Thanksgiving I had been living with a cat named Woolfie. She happened upon me my senior year of college when my friends discovered her in the woods and brought her back to their dorm room. Since cats are not allowed in the dorms they gave her to me. She lived with me in Portland, California, and Washington D.C. Due to conflicting lifestyles (her urinating issues, my housemates, etc.) I made a decision to have her relocated to California to live with the other half of her family and since then I have been pet-less, sad, and lonely.

Now the point. Dogs.

I am pretty sure I am going to be a person who has kids because I want to make people who have to hang out with me all the time. However, being of sound mind, 25 years old, and without a husband and not super wealthy, I am not going to have a kid. But all of those things makes me a perfect candidate to have a dog.

Most people’s reaction to getting a dog is the obligation and the work surrounding them. I have had enough house-sitting/dog-sitting gigs to know a dog means not getting to go to happy hour right after work (a deal breaker for me in the past).

But now, I am not really drinking, I am doing a lot of physical activity and all I want is a high energy creature that wants to spend all it’s time running with me, playing ball with me, begging to eat my cooking, sleeping in my bed, laying on my lap, licking my face, and getting jealous when anyone else is around (sorry Garrett). I think that this speaks to my constant need for adoration and desire to fill any possible loneliness with a loving beautiful innocent being.

To the naysayers (mostly my parents and grand parents) my response to such worry-warts and naysayers is, “Yeah, but you have a dog!”

Naysayer: “In the morning you have to get up and walk to the dog.”

Me: “Yes, every morning I get woken up by a creature who loves me and is STOKED to go outside and walk around. No human would ever want to do that with me.”

Naysayer: “You have to find someone to watch your dog when you leave town.”

Me: “That is what boyfriends are for, or I just figure out how to take the dog with me.”

Naysayer: “You have to pick up their poop.”

Me: “Small price to pay WHEN YOU HAVE A DOG!”

Animals are the best and if I don’t have a dog by next January I will consider my whole year a failure.


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