Back and training

Hello, It has been quite a while (it seems easy to let things slip when you have a comfortable life) but I am facing some changes in my life, changes exciting enough to write about.

First, I am leaving my job in April to attend graduate school. I have been at my current organization for just over 3 years and it has been amazing. I have gotten some great exposure through internationally recognized publications, speaking across the US and abroad and writing well over a dozen reports and papers. They were kind enough to promote me a few times and I couldn’t be more pleased and grateful. Oh and, if you are so inclined, check out this amazing NYT article that I am quoted in.

Graduate school? Yes, it has always been part of my plan and working at my current job has helped me clarify my path so it is time to learn more and spend tons of money in the process.

Speaking of spending money, I am going to spend about 10 weeks in South America before heading off to graduate school. The current plan is to spend 4 weeks WWOOFing in either Argentina or Chili, 2 weeks vacationing, then another 4 weeks in Peru. Part of the Peru trip will involve hiking the Inca trail with my mother and possibly my sister. I don’t know any Spanish but I have signed up for a class so we shall see how much I can retain.

All of these grand plans will not occur until May so what am I up to over the next 4 months? Mostly wrapping up work, learning Spanish and training for a marathon. Yeah I figured now was the best time to do it so I signed up for the North Face Endurance Challenge in D.C.  It’s a trail race on the Potomac Heritage Trail. The race is actually a 50 miler but, being the newbie I am, I thought I would just run the marathon. I think I have caught that running bug….

That is all for now. I hope to keep this more updated as time goes on.


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